Meet Chaz Abarno

Here at rag & bone, we know the value of friends in the right places.  Chaz Abarno, a friend of a friend down at our local haunt the Brass Monkey, struck us as the perfect partner for our guerilla D.I.Y. Project.  After seeing a few of his sketches, we recruited his talents for our graffiti-themed store windows.  We asked him a few questions on NYC, his inspiration, and his admittedly ‘funny’ personal style.

How did you get into graffiti art?

I’ve been doing graffiti for almost 7 years now, just being an avid street walker in all of the five boroughs.  I just couldn’t keep my eye off the stuff, so I thought of a name and started doing my thing.  I have learnt a lot throughout the years and met a lot of cool people.

Favorite aspect of tagging?

The adrenaline rush, the cool spots you venture to, the street credit.

Most interesting place you’ve had to tag?

‘Had to tag’? More like wanted to tag.  There are a lot of cool spots throughout NYC.  Rooftops are really fun, abandoned buildings, women, billboards are nuts…  that is a tough question.

First 5 songs on your iPod shuffle

Mobb deep, early nas, early Jay-Z (not the new stuff), misfits, slick rick.  I like just really good hip hop in general, from the early 90′s to late 90′s…. I can’t stand the new stuff.

What inspires you?

It’s hard to name just a few of the many people/places that have inspired me. Old-school Brooklyn writers like the whole K C Crew, Tats Crew, Banksy, Dondi and all of the new graff work in general.

Describe your personal style in three words.

Scummy, genuine, and funny.

You can contact Chaz at


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