Hometown Guide: Nashville, TN

It is known that New York City is a giant melting pot, so it is of no surprise that those who come to work in fashion create a pot all their own. Within the Rag & Bone family we manage to stretch to almost all corners of the world. Japan? check. Australia? Check. UK? of course. This bring us to our first edition of our hometown guides. Little local tid bits from the eyes and ears of our employees. First up- Jaclyn Burney from our women’s sales team.

Hometown: Nashville,Tennessee

Favorite Restaurant: Merridee’s Breadbasket. Such a cute neighborhood place with the friendliest people from around town, not to mention the BEST peach cobbler ever

Beloved BAR: The Stage & Tootsies bar on Broadway.

Signature Cocktail: Ice cold Beer!

Place to Shop: Downtown Franklin. It is a very quaint pedestrian friendly spot. They have great stores & places to grab a drink or bite. And big plus… the Franklin Theater is about to re-open on Main Street. This theater opened in 1937 and closed down in 2007 because of the economy. With the help of locals refusing to lose a piece of town history, fundraising has brought it back to life! Check it out (so cute!)

Place to Explore: East Nashville. A great up and coming area with tons of restaurants and vintage shops

Can’t Miss: Pancakes from the famous Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village. YUM! Also the Bluebird Café, on most nights there are really talented songwriters hanging out & performing.


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