On My Google Reader: Edward Lorenz

For this month’s installment of recommended blogs, we call on our Associate Menswear Designer, Edward Lorenz.  He’s bringing you everything from the high-brow (art history), to the delightfully low-brow (ghetto humor).   Click through the links and take a peek at the wonderfully diverse range of human accomplishments. 

1.  First up: http://fuckyeah-arthistory.tumblr.com/ 

Sometimes going to a museum in New York can be a little overwhelming, so this is the perfect place to discover works of art and artists.

2. http://monochrom23reich.tumblr.com/-

It’s a black & white photography blog I’m obsessing with right now.

3. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com 

Whenever I need to find home improvement inspiration

4. http://www.ghettoredhot.com/ 

When I need a good chuckle to clear out the stresses of the day

5. http://theselvedgeyard.wordpress.com/ 

Great research/posts on subversive American cultures.


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