Our Summer Windows..

Our store windows for Summer were inspired by the 70′s period.  I asked two of the members from the Visual Team, Jenna & Deirdre, what motivated the windows this season..

What inspired these windows? We wanted to tie together the current 70’s revival with rag &  bone’s aesthetic. We were inspired by photographs we found of Hippies from the 60’s and 70’s and paintings of beautiful fields of wildflowers. The colors and textures in the images mirrored the floral prints and pastel colors of our collection. Our floppy brimmed fedoras and straw hats worked perfectly to complete the looks. It also reminded us of our earlier photo collaboration with Mark Borthwick, and we wanted to reinterpret that ethereal snapshot. (Check out the images here, http://www.rag-bone.com/mark_borthwick.html)

Where did you get the flowers from?  We went digging through the floral district and found flowers that suited our color story and Hippie vibe of the display, like wildflowers, long grass and cattails that you would find in a meadow.

What other store windows inspire you?  Anywhere from Barney’s to Liberty of London to hidden boutiques around the city…anything we come across day to day inspires our ideas.

What is your favorite part about designing the windows each season?  Telling a story and creating a new atmosphere and perspective for the rag & bone customer. It’s fun to be constantly challenged by the creative process:  from the initial brainstorm with David and Doug (our manager), to sampling various materials for the display, to the actual installation, and then seeing the final result. It’s rewarding to see the team’s vision brought to life.


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