Hometown Guides: Fall River, MA

Next in line from the R&B family is Jennie McCormick our Managing Director, sharing some of her favorite local haunts.

HOMETOWN: Fall River, Massachusetts

FAVORITE RESTURANT: Lizzies-it was my parents place in the 80′s but now that it’s closed, Sagres for traditional Portuguese food & fado music! The area I’m from has a thriving Portuguese culture. Somerset Creamery for the BEST ice cream I’ve ever had & I’m pretty much an aficionado!

BAR & SIGNATURE COCKTAIL: Not really into the local bar scene, but a nice cold Guinness enjoyed at home in my yard is perfect.

PLACE TO SHOP: The New Bedford Antiques Center. They have everything from great books, furniture to vintage clothing. CIRCA is also not to be missed for an amazing well curated archive of vintage clothing and accessories.

PLACE TO EXPLORE: The entire South coast, as it’s called, to see quaint downtowns, narrow country roads that lead to the beach, old mills, and great little shops and restaurants. Some of the notables are: Fairhaven, Westport, New Bedford, Dartmouth, and Mattapoisett

CANT MISS: The beaches, the fresh seafood, and the outdoors!


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