DIY Project: Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel joins Sasha, Abbey Lee, Carolyn, Miranda and the rest of the cast of models as the newest face of rag & bone’s DIY project. With the same remit as the girls before her, Candice was given a bag of clothing and a camera and asked to style and photograph herself in an environment of her choice. The resulting photographs were taken between Brazil and Bora Bora, dancing on the beach to Bob Marley. While many of our DIY girls have taken their assignment to the beach, Candice shows us a side of her we have never seen before!

The DIY Project, first created with Laird + Partners in February 2011, turns the traditional campaign on its head, making the model the subject, stylist and photographer of her own work. “I think what Davis and Marcus really ultimately wanted to communicate about the brand was a sense of authenticity, and the D.I.Y. Project has been the perfect way to do just that. We usually only get to see these girls transformed as interpretations of a particular designer’s or photographer’s vision and here it is only their image of how they see themselves. Personal, honest and real – with a strong sense of individual style. Which is ultimately a hallmark of how people wear rag & bone,” says Trey Laird, Chief Executive and Creative Officer of Laird + Partners.

Candice is shown wearing the Skinny in Rust, the Pocket Tank in Ivory, The Zipper Jean in Black and the Highrise Skinny in Era among others.

For all of her photos, visit our TUMBLR page and DIY Homepage


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