Profile: Muzungu Sisters

US-born Brazilian-Colombian heiress and international jetsetter Tatiana Santo Domingo has joined forces with pal Dana Alikhani to launch Muzungu Sisters, a new online store offering ethically sourced handcrafted, garments and accessories from their travels around the globe.

You and Dana bonded over a mutual wanderlust (Muzungu means ‘Wanderer’ in Swahili). Where’s the most fascinating place you’ve ever visited and any tips you’d like to share? 

We both fell in love with Peru. If you go make sure to visit Macchu Pichu. We took the Hiram Bigham train from Cusco to there and it was an incredible experience I will not forget. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and the train is in the style of the 1920s Pullman trains.

                                              Dana and Tatiana in Peru 

What are your most beloved buys from your travels?

My favourite items of clothing I picked up are an old Turksmen coat covered in coins that I found in the souk in Damascus, Syria and a Bourbouz (cape traditionally worn by the Berber people) that I picked up in an antique shop called Majid in Tangier, Morocco.

You’ve lived in numerous cities and visited the most far-flung places on earth but where do you feel most at home?

London. This is where my business Muzungu Sisters is based and I’ve just moved back here after having spent a few years living in New York. I love to travel but London is the city I am always happy to return to and where a lot of my very dear friends live.

Where are you ladies planning on visiting next?

We are planning our next trip to South Africa in January.


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