Profile: Britt Aboutaleb

Elle’s Style News Editor Britt Aboutaleb discovered her passion for fashion in college when she came across

A subsequent internship at Stella McCartney in London and she was officially hooked!
She chats to rag & bone about her personal style…


How would you describe your style?
A friend says “classic with a twist.” I like easy, comfortable clothes paired with a great shoe and don’t really go beyond the realm of black, navy, white and grey.
How would you define great style?

It’s so clichéd (because it’s true!) but I think confidence is really the key to great style. That, and not trying too hard (which I guess happens naturally if you’re confident).
Who do you think is worthy of style icon status?  
I love Giovanna Battaglia’s style. Jenna Lyons’s style is aspirational, but I can steal bits and pieces for real life. If it’s too soon to call them icons, then the classics like Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy, Lauren Hutton and Jean Seberg.
What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever

Find a good tailor! The difference between a dress—or pants, coat, whatever—that fits and doesn’t is priceless. (Also, this is advice that I forget to follow but swear I will someday!).

Britt as Tim Riggins’ rally girl (Friday Night Lights). Willing to dress up for fun for Halloween, she cites boyfriend jeans as her unintentional worst look.
“I really should have sat that one out. Baggy jeans aren’t a great look for a 5’4 frame.”

What are you wearing this fall?

I wear a lot of skinny jeans and booties come fall, because I’m loathe to break out tights until winter really hits. I like big sweaters, usually from the men’s department, and then either my shearling jacket from Helmut Lang or a Jil Sander for Uniqlo coat. I’ll probably add a pair of rag & bone Newbury booties to my closet and some J.Crew cashmere. I just bought a pair of leather pants; they’ve revived the dozens of preppy button downs in my closet.

What’s your favourite non-fashion-related way to unwind?

Doing anything outside, whether running or playing soccer. Even just wandering the city gives me an instant energy boost.

Britt’s NYC favourites:

For drinks: Marshall Stack
For dinner Barrio Chino
For coffee: The Fat Radish
For shopping: I live on the Lower East Side, if you can’t tell from my picks, so if not in my neighborhood then Nolita and sometimes Soho (if I must!).
For beauty treatments: My bathroom! I’m pretty low maintenance, but every six months or so (ie, after fashion month) I’ll go to Great Jones Spa for a massage.
For exercise: I go to Ludlow Fitness. It’s small, clean and four blocks from home and I’ve spotted less than five fashion people in the year I’ve been going. When it’s nice, I run on the West Side Highway.


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