Stuff We Love: The Newbury boot

The Classic Newbury, rag & bone’s iconic boot, has just launched in Black Pony, Mini Spot and Cow Print.

Lauren Bucquet, Head of Shoes and Accessories Design, chats about the exciting new styles…

Since its launch in Fall 2009, there have been over 30 variations of the Newbury. It’s been produced in vegetable tanned leather, pebbled leather, nubuck leather, suede, waxed suede and canvas. Is this the first time the Newbury has been done in a print and are there plans to experiment with more prints?

Yes, this is the first time we’ve experimented with prints in the Newbury, and we have big plans for more printed ones in the near future. For Fall, we’ll be introducing some collection fabrics in the Newbury which I think are very exciting!

Can you give us an insight into the creative process?
When I started designing the Newbury, our goal was really quite simple. We wanted to create the kind of boot that would look great with almost everything in the wardrobe, that perfect everyday boot. We wanted it to be streamlined and modern, but with a bit of the tomboy vibe that often finds its way into the rag & bone style. I think we achieved this mix with the clean lines of the upper and the somewhat chunky, wearable heel. My thought process behind designing the shoes often begins with me asking myself a very simple question: ‘What are the shoes that I really want to wear right now?’ There are also often different leather techniques or constructions that I really want to try, so I’ll work towards combining those things along with whatever our theme is for the season to create something both exciting and wearable.

The Newbury sells out every season. What do you think it owes its popularity to?
I think its popularity lends mostly to its versatility – it’s the kind of boot that you can wear all day at work, then out to dinner or drinks at night. It’s also super comfortable!

The Newbury has a massive celebrity following (see below). Do you enjoy seeing these ladies pictured wearing them?

I think the first celebrity I saw in the Newbury either Rachel Bilson or Sienna Miller – both big fans of the brand (from what I’ve heard!). Of course it’s really exciting to see celebrities wearing things you’ve designed, it’s like a little extra gratification after all the hard work we put in everyday. However, that’s not to say that it’s not just as exciting to see everyday girls wearing them around the city – that’s pretty nice too.


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