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Andrew (left, wearing a rag & bone shirt and tie) and Chris at the Turkey Leg Ball.

By day, Andrew Steinthal does PR at Warner Bros. Records, while Chris Stang works in Marketing at Atlantic Records. But off-duty, the music industry execs have turned their love of eating out, which they do a lot of in their line of work, into a side career with their massively popular blog Immaculate Infatuation (they also have an app).
The duo don’t lay claim to being food critics but they know good food and serve up unpretentious, no-nonsense New York restaurant reviews.

Food is constantly a hot topic in the rag & bone office, so we asked the guys to give us a list of five spots we must check out in 2012….

Parm, 248 Mulberry St. – Nolita

Sometimes simplicity is underrated in Manhattan’s restaurant scene. That’s precisely why we love Parm, the new Italian sandwich shop from the fellas behind Torrisi Italian Specialties. The meatball and turkey sandwich here have been fan favorites since they served them next store at Torrisi during lunch, but it’s The Saratoga Club – a triple decker chicken salad sandwich topped with bacon and crushed up potato chips – that steals the show. We could eat that sandwich for lunch every day for the rest of our lives and die happy. We’d also probably die soon.

Colonie, 127 Atlantic Ave. – Brooklyn Heights

Colonie opened up shop on the edge of Brooklyn Heights last year, and is now consistently packed for dinner every night. Both dinner and brunch are incredible, from the drinks all the way to the dessert. The restaurant is comfortable and interesting, the staff is cool, and we loved sitting at the open kitchen counter, downing lambrusco and watching our food come to life. The key seems to be in smart ordering, so ask your waiter for some guidance. Had we not had the inside info, we might have skipped the half chicken or the gnudi. Luckily, we didn’t. Neither should you.

Post Office, 188 Havemeyer St. – Williamsburg

Unless you live on the South side of Williamsburg, you’ve probably never heard of Post Office. It’s time to change that. We dropped a ridiculously high rating on this unassuming whisky bar with a tiny kitchen that might actually be operating on Easy Bake Ovens. However, those little ovens are cranking out mind blowingly good food. The pulled pork sandwich, deviled eggs, and steak tartare are all absolutely amazing. And you won’t find  better selection of American whiskey anywhere in this city.

Prima, 58 E. 1st St. – East Village

Welcome to our new favorite East Village hangout. We’ve always loved the drinks at The Summit Bar on Ave. C, even though we could do without the bouncer situation out front. Really, another private party for Sarah’s birthday? Yea, we’ll be sure to come back in three hours. See you then. Luckily, they’ve have decided to jettison the door guy and jump into the food game with this new restaurant, Prima. Yes, there are some amazing cocktails here, but this place is all about eating quality fish. We love the simply prepared skate and the tempura hake fish ‘n chips. All the while, you should be drinking what might be the best old fashioned in the city and finish things off with the incredible mille feuille vanilla cream pastry.

Hospoda, 321 E. 73rd St. – Upper East Side

If there’s such a thing as “fine dining for dudes”, we’ve just discovered it. Welcome to Hospoda, an upscale Czech restaurant that’s just as much a beer hall as it is a culinary destination. There aren’t many places in this city where a guy can order a light beer with his three course meal and not get treated like a redneck that just won the lottery. But at Hospoda, they actually encourage such behavior. As a matter of fact, half the point of this place is to educate you on the nuances of drinking fresh Pilsner Urquell with varying amounts of foam, just like they do back in the Czech Republic. No wonder we liked it so much.


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