Features: Classixx

Michael David and Tyler Blake comprise Classixx, an LA-based DJ act who are tipped for big things in 2012.
We caught up with Michael recently…

How would you describe Classixx?
We’re two 26-year-old producers who grew up together in Los Angeles. We listened to a lot of different music, but mostly guitar-based stuff. Over the past five years we’ve become really interested in club music and its history. Our production style varies, but it’s mostly groove based and spacious. We’ve released a ton of remixes, and 2 original tracks. We’re currently finishing our debut record.

What was the inspiration behind your latest track Fax from the Beach and its video?
The title was inspired by a line from an old AT&T commercial. Morgan Freeman is describing the future and says, “Send a fax from the beach.” I always loved that concept, and that fax is almost an antiquated method. In approaching the video, I just mentioned to our friend Jerome Potter that it’d be nice if our video looked like a screen saver or a visualizer. He and Johnny Woods (directors) executed the video beautifully.

Who are you currently listening to?
Thundercat, ADR, Cosmic Kids,New Jack Swing, Aphex Twin, The Field and Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night.

Where’s your favorite venue to play?
Our favorites would probably be U Street Music Hall in D.C and the Civic Underground in Sydney.

What’s in your tour survival kit?
Funny you should ask because my tour survival kit is in a black rag & bone tote bag. Inside there are earplugs, various power supplies, a book, a scarf, licorice, blank cd’s and sunglasses.

How would you describe your style?
Our style (or lack of) is pretty stripped back. We like classic cuts and fabrics. We wear a lot of leather shoes/boots, and we like to look like gentlemen. It’s a masterful feat to travel a million miles – get connecting flights and through scary foreign customs – and then show up to a gig in a crisp shirt and pressed (looking) pants. Sometimes it works out, other times we look like dirty rats.

What’s next for you guys?
We’re finishing our record and will then probably go on a brief vacation.


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