Manhattan Oil Project

Josephine Meckseper’s Manhattan Oil Project


No, no one is drilling for oil in Times Square. Welcome to the Manhattan Oil Project,  an installation by Josephine Meckseper presented by the Art Production Fund.

Now through May 6th, the German-born artist will showcase two new monumental kinetic sculptures, each standing 25 feet tall, at the Last Lot project space, on 46th Street and 8th Avenue.

Josephine explains: “The sculptures are about where we are now. They are an image of the tenuous moment that we find ourselves in as a nation and human kind as our dependency on oil becomes the focal point of politics and people’s personal sphere.”

More on the artist:

Hometown: Manhattan.

Typical morning: Breakfast with my love Richard Phillips.

A typical day: Going to the gym, then at the studio 10am – 8pm or midnight.

Beauty secret: Don’t be afraid of aging.

Signature dish: Coffee.

Best way to get exercise: Jogging and Kung Fu.

Best way to relax: Walk on the beach or reading science articles.

Would love to meet: Hillary Clinton.

Motto: Living in the moment.

Ultimate Aspiration: Race car driving.





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