Mick Rock – The Legend Series

Dubbed “The Man Who Shot the Seventies”, seminal rock ‘n’ roll photographer Mick Rock has a suitably impressive back catalogue.
As well as shooting everyone from Debbie Harry to Paul McCartney, he was responsible for one of rock’s most enduring images, Queen’s legendary¬†II album cover.
More recently, contemporary icons Kate Moss, Bono and Lady Gaga have been his subjects.
Hot on the heels of his Exposed book, Rock further explores his creativity, heavily experimenting with digital alteration and psychedelic additives. Some may say it has echoes of his late pal Andy Warhol’s work, but Rock holds the distinction of working on his own images.
Enjoying his new career as an ‘artist’, Rock says he’s pioneering a new genre; “rock art”.
The Legend Series is showing at Chelsea’s CATM Museum until April 22nd.


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