Features: On set with Shannan

In between shots on our recent denim shoot, we grabbed model Shannan Click for a quick chat…

Where are you originally from?


What has been the most glamorous modeling job you have ever done?

A shoot in the Maldives. Blue water and light sand = heaven for me.

Modeling puts skin and hair through a lot. How do you ensure both stay in good condition?

I really like to use Egyptian Magic whenever I think my skin needs a little love. I get it at Rickys. I like to use all natural products where possible so I also like SKINFOOD. For my hair, I love to use a bumble and bumble hair masque.

What are your travel essentials?

A hoody, my airplane pillow and Ray-Bans.

How would you describe your style?

Laid back; I love jeans and a thin T-shirt, quite like what we’re shooting today –  and tennis shoes.

What are you currently reading?

I just finished Steve Toltz’s A Fraction of the Whole and have started Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I love to paint. I like doing abstract landscapes. They’re my versions of Life on Mars!

Where is your favorite New York hangout?

The Bowery HoteI – I’m there all the time.

What do you like most about New York?

That I can be a hermit yet still be surrounded by people – I’m naturally really lazy so having everyone around makes it very convenient.

What do you miss about California?

My family, the sun, the space, swimming and nature.

Are you looking forward to anything in particular this summer?

I’ll be doing a sculptor and portrait painting class at the The New York Academy of Arts in Tribeca. I’ve taken classes there before in the summer. Ultimately, I’d like to do something in the arts; maybe direct or paint.

Do you have any vacations planned?

I don’t really plan them – they just come up, but I’m probably going to visit my boyfriend (Boardwalk Empire star Jack Huston) in Portugal where he’s shooting a movie called Night Train to Lisbon. He literally had a day off after finishing the film Kill Your Darlings in New York before he had to fly to Portugal, so it’s been a busy time.


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