St. Vincent – Q&A

We were lucky enough to have the amazingly talented St.Vincent (Annie Clark) perform in our Soho store for FNO.

The star took time out after her stellar performance to reveal her unlikely style icon and discuss her creative process…

What music did you listen to growing up?
The first record I bought was Michael Jackson’s Bad – I was a child of the ‘80s.

We know you took your stage name from the now defunct NY hospital where the poet Dylan Thomas died, but can you tell us a little about your own heritage?
I have got Irish heritage – my full name is Annie Erin Clark. My family is from Cork. I’ve been to Ireland many times. The last time I was there was in the summer to play in Dublin - I like it there – it’s very unpretentious.

You famously collaborated with David (Byrne) on Love This Giant via email, but can you discuss your own creative process?

I’m like a bird making a nest – I collect melodies and try to put them together. Sometimes the lyrics come symbiotically or else they arrive long after the fact. Everything inspires me.

What do you admire about David?
He does so well combining ‘art music’ and pop music – he lives at that intersection – and that’s where I’m trying to live as well.

What music are you currently listening to?
The Pointer Sisters.

How would you describe your style – are you interested in fashion?
I take my fashion cues from Albert Einstein as in he would just pick one outfit and wear it forever so he never had to put precious brainpower into thinking about what he was wearing. I tend to do that and wear one thing I like obsessively, like right now it’s this rag & bone dress (Datia) and leather jacket. I’m a big fan of the brand – it cuts that nice balance of things you can wear every day but feel good about wearing every day.

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