The Man Repeller and her man

Leandra Medine, the hilarious, irreverent lady behind The Man Repeller, and her financier husband, Abie Cohen have just celebrated six months of marital bliss. The adorable couple stopped by our offices recently and, in between shots, shared their thoughts on each other’s style…

Do you recall what you were wearing when you met?

Leandra: I was a senior in highschool, he was a senior at college, and we met at a Halloween party where I was dressed as a slutty flight attendant. He was hooking up with my friend and he told her to tell me he liked my costume. She was only hooking up with him to get back at his friend she had previously dated. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure! My friend actually ended up marrying the guy whose Halloween party we were all at.

What do you like to see each other wear?

Leandra: I like to see him in the same stuff I wear – skinny jeans, denim shirts and some plaid.

Abie: I like to see Lea in a good pair of tight jeans. She’s got a billion pairs of bell bottom jeans but I prefer skinny ones – I like her in tighter clothing.

Leandra: I hate tight clothes. My look this season is actually an enormous pair of pants, a white T – typically stolen from him – a plaid shirt around my waist, and heels.

Do you share any clothing?

Leandra: I often try to coerce Abie into buying things. He’ll buy shirts and we’ll get home and I’ll say, “I’m so excited about our new shirts.”

Abie: Yeah, she wears them and washes them a couple of times before I even get to try them on.

Do you ask each other’s advice on clothes?

Leandra: I don’t like asking him, but he always asks, “Does this match?”. I think his mom made him seem like he was never matching when he was a child. He’ll wear a black sweater with black pants and ask, “Does this match?”. It’s odd. Sometimes he’s like, “Lea, you don’t match” and I’m like, “Yeah, I know, that’s the point.” He definitely never has the problem of; “Leandra, that’s a little too promiscuous, please don’t wear that”. It’s more like, “Leandra, I want to feel attracted to my wife.”

Abie: Sometimes the sheer stuff can be a little revealing though.

Leandra: Yeah, and I don’t really wear bras that often.

Have you ever been sartorially ‘repelled’ by each other?

Abie: No, she has always been so confident in what she wears and that was more attractive than anything else.

Leandra: No, Abie was always a good dresser. We were broken up for three years before we got back together and got married, and in those intervening years I always felt like I wanted to date another version of Abie. It was like; “He doesn’t smell like Abie, he doesn’t dress like Abie, he’s not as tall as Abie…” Then we got back together.

Is there anything you would like to see each other wear?

Leandra: He doesn’t have summer style down yet. I would love to see him in a pair of skinny white jeans, loafers and a denim shirt. We have problems with footwear because he has a flat foot so he won’t wear shoes unless he can fit Dr Scholl’s into them. It’s very annoying because he has so much potential – this guy could be the most eligible man in New York City!

Abie: I’m married!

Leandra: Yeah, but I still want to know that other women want you.


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