Inspiration: Hart Biker Jacket

The Hart Biker Jacket is a firm favorite amongst the staff at rag & bone and is fast becoming a best-selling style.
We asked Emily Diamondis, our Senior Knitwear Designer, to discuss the piece…

Can you share the inspiration behind the Hart Biker Jacket?
“We like to use a traditional woven garment and put it into knitwear so that’s where the concept came from.
We then took the silhouette of a biker jacket and changed it into another format.”

Why do you think it’s so popular?
“I’d say the amazing yarn we used which is a yarn bound with another yarn which gives a great tweedy/ melange effect. We played a lot with the stitch and gauge to achieve the texture we were after. Then, of course, we added the leather so it’s taken away from the sweater world and into a shape that’s normally found in wovens. I also think the weight works really well for spring and summer.”

Any plans to revisit it?
“Yes, we’re actually doing the biker jacket again this fall but in a winter version.”

Do you have any styling tips for the Hart Biker Jacket?
“I’ve seen it been worn smartly with black trousers and it looks polished and chic. Personally, I wear with a white T-shirt, ripped black jeans and boots. But I think that’s the beauty of it, you can wear it lots of different ways – it looks great with a dress or shorts. It’s such an easy piece.”


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