Feature: Candice Lake

Discovered by a model scout while studying law in her native Australia, after a successful run as a model Candice Lake discovered her true passion lay behind the camera.

The London-based photographer and blogger (we’re loving candicelake.com) discusses style with us…

How would you describe your style?

I generally stick to a uniform of classic cuts with a little twist. I have a love affair with color and I wear a lot of bold statement pieces mixed with classic staples. I basically live in leather pants and trench coats as they are both super comfortable and can be worn to the shops for milk or to dinner. My style is constantly changing though and who knows what I’ll be wearing next month!

You’ve shot street-style in cities around the world. How would you describe their varying styles?

I love each city for different reasons. Everyone in New York is so polished and put together – even downtown, everyone seems to be perfect and always rocking a statement piece - I love that. London is where I shoot all my favorite art and fashion students - I’m always so inspired by London girls as they aren’t afraid to experiment.  Paris has the most exquisite dreamy light and everyone is impossibly chic and French, which in itself is romantic. Sydney is my other home and I love its beach culture. Everyone is good looking, tanned and always wearing gorgeous bold colors.

What’s been your biggest fashion faux pas?

When I was about 18 my best friend and I were completely obsessed with Bob Marley and we wore a lot of fisherman pants and woolen headscarves.

What’s the best style advice you can share?

I tend to wear pieces that I feel comfortable in whilst still experimenting a little. I think that is key; have fun but don’t divert from what your style is.

What do you look for in the subjects you photograph?

I love shooting girls with confidence and a really strong sense of style. I love it when I see someone making a trend their own or when I see girls reinvent their own style season after season and students who aren’t yet aware that they have a great style. If I had to choose one defining thing I love to shoot, I would have to say color – in hair, bags, jewels, prints, shoes, if there is color, I will most likely love it!


Accessory: Hats.

Product: My perfume, Hermès Eau Claire des Merveilles.

Appliance: Gaggia Esspresso maker, I couldn’t live without my morning coffee.

Book: I just finished Disgrace by JM Coetzee and I now re-reading Fiesta (The Sun Also Rises) by Ernest Hemingway.

Movie: The Lives of Others and anything by Woody Allen.

Musical act: Bo Diddley – always and forever.

Art: I love Sophie Calle and Taryn Simon’s work and I always go see John Singer Sargent at the Met when I am in town.

Hotel: Hotel Principe di Savoia Milan and the Soho/ Tribeca Grand in New York.

Restaurant: I love The Wolseley in London.

Cocktail: Champagne and Dirty Martinis.

Destination: Palm Beach in Australia.

Indulgence: Massages and steam and sauna rooms.

Inspiration: Light and the changing seasons – I go for a running every day and every day, the park looks different!

Style Icon: Charlotte Rampling, Lauren Bacall, Catherine Deneuve are some of my old world influences as I love when women dress as empowered beings. I’m also really influenced by the style evolution of a lot of women I shoot on the street, from fashion editors to young art students – these people are my greatest influence.


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