If you happen to find yourself in Washington, D.C. over the next while, you should check out artist Doug Aitken’s SONG 1 multi-media spectacle. Using eleven high-definition projectors, the artist blends imagery, enveloping the entire exterior of the Hirschorn Museum.

The video, which runs on a loop after sunset to midnight, is accompanied by the song I Only Have Eyes for You. An eclectic line-up of musicians; Beck, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, Banhart, Mountains, CFCF, High Places, No Age, and Lucky Dragons, take turns of interpreting the 1934 classic. British A-list actress Tilda Swinton is easily the most recognizable of the SONG 1 ‘cast’.

Anna, from our Logistics team, was impressed when she took in Aitken’s ambitious offering…

“To get the full experience, it is best to walk around the entire museum since there are several different scenes being projected simultaneously. I found the best view to be on the corner 7th Street and Jefferson Drive where your view is not impeded by trees or street signs. I thought that the exhibit might get repetitive since there is only one song playing the entire time, however, with each scene and each new version of the song you experience something different. External factors, like the lights from the cars on the highway and the trees outside the building, effected, and in a way enhanced, the overall exhibit as you obviously wouldn’t experience those in a closed off museum environment. It was also interesting how at times the video reflected the shape of the Hirschorn and at other times, the sheer size and clarity of the images made you forget what they were projected onto.”

Song 1 runs till May 13, 2012



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