Grungy Gentleman’s Jace Lipstein


We caught up with the Grungy Gentleman’s Jace Lipstein, who incidentally decided to start his menswear blog after a chance encounter with rag & bone’s David Neville at an event at Barneys, to talk about all things style-related…

Since starting Grungy Gentleman has your own style evolved? 

My appreciation for menswear has evolved since launching Grungy Gentleman. When I was younger, I was interested in Nike SB’s. Then I graduated to collecting vintage concert tees. Now, I am always on the hunt for blazers and crew neck sweaters with elbow pads.

Do you have a signature look? 

I’m a huge fan of the tear-drop aviator. I wear mine everyday.

Who inspires you? 

My friends. I always say that and it is very true but I’m going to try and change it up for you guys. Let’s go with Floyd Mayweather. After seeing how hard he trains on HBO’s 24/7, when I’m at the gym now I cannot stop saying, “Hard work, dedication, hard work, dedication, hard work, dedication.” I can’t forget my mother either, who just beat breast cancer.

What is the best style advice you have heard or received?

Both of the following were said to me; “I’ve always been more about style than fashion trends. What works for me, might not work for someone else. Identifying your own style is the key factor. Be known for something, be consistent, but make sure you tweak your style every six months or so.” – Simon Spurr. The other quote is; “Fashion for me is a game. It’s to play with. It’s an image that you give to others. Even if someone for example says to me, “I hate fashion; I never wear fashion,’ for me that is already a fashion statement.” – Milan Vukmirovic.

What do you think every gentleman should have in his closet? 

A navy blazer tailored to perfection.

Who do you rate as some of the most stylish men in New York?

I have a long list; Amar’e Stoudemire, Eugene Tong, Ian Velardi, Morgan Collett, Nick Sullivan, Nick Wooster, Paul Avarali, Steven Rojas and Tyler Thoreson.

Is there anyone you would love to interview for Grungy Gentleman? 

Great question:

Actor: My brother Skylar Astin. He is one heck of a talent. I’m really excited to see his next few projects on the big screen, 21 And Over and Pitch Perfect21 And Over is the new movie from the guys behind The Hangover and my brother is the lead and Pitch Perfect is a love story between Skylar and Anna Kendrick.

Deceased: JFK and Steve Jobs

Fashion: Anna Wintour, Dries Van Noten, Lapo Elkann, and Ricardo Tisci

Music: Jay-Z

Sports: Charles Oakley, John Starks and Patrick Ewing all together at once – that would be a dream come true.

Who do you enjoy following on Twitter?
@deltoroshoes, @Hodinkee, @Joseph

What would you never wear?

Square-toe shoes.

Do you collect anything? 

Knicks jerseys - I have a closet devoted to them.

What has been a highlight for you since starting your blog? 

Attending Pitti Uomo changed the way I look at menswear. The talent at that tradeshow is off-the-charts. It trained my eye and matured my taste in construction and fabrics.

Finally, what will you be wearing this summer? 

rag & bone gear, duh.


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