The D.I.Y. Project returns for FW 2012 with Liu Wen!

Today, rag & bone’s D.I.Y. Project returns for Fall 2012 with a new cast, beginning with supermodel Liu Wen!
Created in Spring 2011 for rag & bone/JEAN, the D.I.Y. Project sought to flip the traditional photo-shoot on its head. Each girl was given a digital camera, a bag of clothes and the same remit – to interpret rag & bone/JEAN in their own individual way.
“We think it’s cool to show the girls in this light – it’s stripped back and it’s all about personal style and attitude which rag & bone really believes in,” says David, adding Liu is “naturally beautiful and unaffected”.
A firm friend of the brand, Liu, who just walked in our SS 2013 NYFW show, shot her D.I.Y. Project in Manhattan and Coney Island.
Liu took time out from her hectic SS 2013 show schedule for a quick Q&A…

How do you survive all the FWs?
I keep a positive attitude and try to love every part of the job, no matter how crazy it gets. Seeing the new clothes for the next season always inspires me!

How would you describe your style?
Simple, comfortable, Liu Wen! I wear rag & bone jeans and T-shirts. The material is super comfortable and the color choices are vast. You can mix and match depending on your own mood, whether you want your look of the day to be casual, cool, or even punk. My personal preference is adding a dash of the tomboy feeling.

What’s your best beauty tip?
When I don’t have much time or space in my bag, I use a shimmery pinkish eye shadow crème and double it as a blush or even a lip gloss!

Your hair is heavily styled for the shows. How do you keep it in good condition?
I eat a lot of sesame and walnuts, both of which have good nutrients for your hair. I also go to salons for deep conditioning every once in a while.

Your skin also goes through a lot – what do you use to keep it looking great?
Face masks and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.

Who is your favorite fellow model and why?
Carmen Dell’Orefice because even in her 80s she is still beautiful and confident. She is a magnificent woman!

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?
I would probably be the tallest tour guide in the travel industry! I’d still be traveling around the world, but always taking a bunch of people with me.

What do you like doing in your down time?
I like reading novels, going to museums, writing Chinese calligraphy, and just spending quality time with great friends. I’m also trying to find time to learn guitar right now, but my time is very limited.


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