Bridget Hall stars in the DIY Project

American supermodel Bridget Hall is our latest DIY Project participant. The Texan beauty shot her Project in East Hampton and New York. 

“My good friend Darius is an awesome artist and has an amazing art studio at his house near Sag Harbour so we shot there and in his kickass hot tub. Then we shot at my friend’s great beach house in Amagansett before taking a trip to the city for more images,” Bridget explained. “We listened to everything from Jay-Z and Alabama Shakes to EHM (the best radio station ever). We had good old bacon cheeseburgers, beer, good wine, good laughs and just a good ol’ time between friends – that’s all I need to be inspired.”

Not only did Bridget do an awesome job on her Project, she kindly obliged when
we asked for a little extra fieldwork in the form of a Q&A…





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