Employee of the Month – Skwirl

What do you do for rag & bone?  I’m the in-house engineer builder and designer.  I open the stores, and build furniture.

Where are you from? North Platte, Nebraska

What was it like growing up there?  Grew up with 4 brothers, the closest neighbor was 2 miles away.  I ran the hills and homestead.  It was an amazing place to grow up.

Who taught you how to build?  My pops lived and fixed up old country schools that were built in the 1920’s.

I know you used to be a DJ in London, what made you come to NY to become a builder?  I lived in London for 10 years, and it was time for a change.  Old friends from Nebraska were adding on top of an old bank they bought in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  They heard I was back in the country, so I came to NYC.  Through friends of friends I ended up in Marcus’s home..and the rest is history!

Did you like DJing?  Loved it.  Almost nothing comes close to the feeling when you are in control of hundreds of thousands of people dancing and partying.  It was a great responsibility.

Do you get a lot of splinters working with wood all of the time?  All the time!  Wood & metal splinters.

What’s the worst thing you have ever done to yourself while building?  I nailed my hand to a roof.

What is your favorite piece of furniture you have ever built?  Table # 1, for Saks Fifth Avenue.  Also, my family’s dining room table.

Do you like working for a clothing company?  Absolutely amazing, didn’t ever think I would get to experience the fashion industry from the inside!

How would you describe your personal style?  Free spirited


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