rag & bone style/Tattoos in the Office

1. Alden Monger

Title: Logistics Coordinator and Customer Service

Tattoo Meaning: I always really liked my name because it’s original, and I’ve not met another person with my name.  If you flip it upside down, you can read it that way too.  There’s a website called flipscrip.com where you can type in your name or a word (or two) and it will create the script for you.

“Le fardeau est egal a la force du cheval” means “The burden is equal to the horse’s strength”

When my dad had cancer, my sisters and I decided to come up with something that we could individually do with him or give him every week of his chemo.  On the first day of one of my “weeks” I had him unscramble this quote – I felt it was very appropriate given what he was going through.  The next day I threw five languages in a hat and had him pick one out randomly – he chose French.  On the third day, I hung up a huge piece of canvas against our fence.  We filled up water balloons with paint and tied them to nails that were placed sporadically over the canvas. After that, we threw darts at the balloons so that the paint splattered everywhere. When done and dried, I stenciled the above quote onto the canvas, cut it up into four pieces and each person in the family has a piece that is framed and hanging in our homes.

2. Chris Mitchener

Title: Design and Development Coordinator

Tattoo Meaning: My tattoo is an Uzi and it means nothing. . . when people ask me ‘why?’ I ask, “why not?”. . . and I know if they don’t get the ridiculousness of it. . . then we def. didn’t sit at the same lunch table!

3. Chris Suterko

Title: Men’s Account Executive

Tattoo Meaning: The tribal looking one was stolen from an old punk band’s record artwork, and the mom one is pretty self-explanatory.  It’s dental floss that spells mom

4. Christie Griffiths

Title: Showroom Assistant

Tattoo Meaning: My foot tattoo is a matching tattoo I have with a close friend.

The cowgirl is because I lived in Texas for 6 years, and wanted a little tribute

The sugar skull is just because I love Mexican folk art, and I wanted a little something to show it.

5. Douglas Stattell

Title: Production Coordinator

Tattoo Meaning: The tattoo on my arm is a painting by one of my favorite art deco artists Tamara de Lempicka.

The Tattoo on my side is a pin up girl by Billy DeVross he is my favorite pin up artist he used his wife as a model for a lot of his art work and his art work tends to depict women in a more elegant and less over sexed way which I really love.

The tattoo on my chest is a quote from Ed Roth…that’s all I have to say about that.

6. Edward Lorenz

Title: Associate Menswear Designer

Tattoo Meaning: My tattoo is of an old myth about a disgruntled Cherub (which you can see on the other side of my arm) shooting down the bird messengers of good and evil.

7. Edyta Krynska

Title: Logistics Manager

Tattoo Meaning: Edytka is my name and is ambigram.  The skull doesn’t really mean anything; I just liked it because its bad ass like me ;)

8. Farrell

Title: PR and Marketing Manager

Tattoo Meaning: My best friend growing up and I got matching stars when we were in high school. My dad’s nickname for me growing up was star and the five points are representative of the five members of my immediate family, but in all honestly it’s really just symbolic of being 15 and wanting a tattoo

9. Gina Russo

Title: Office Coordinator

Tattoo Meaning: My tattoos have no meaning! They are mystical pieces of artwork that represent my free spirited, playful, creative, care free way of living!  I think they represent my imaginative personality =).

10. Jaclyn Burney

Title: Women’s Account Executive

Tattoo Meaning: My tattoo is my Grandparent’s initials, which is H and B.  H is for Hazel (my grandmother) and B is for Bruce (my grandfather)

11. Jason Levine

Title: Associate Accessories Designer

12. Jennie L

Title: Denim Design Assistant

13. Jessica Meany

Title: Sample Fabric Trim Buyer

14. Jimmy Yu

Title: IT Associate

Tattoo Meaning: The left tattoo is LOVE and right is HATE in old school Chinese calligraphy.

15. Joanna Luo

Title: Women’s Wear Patternmaker

Tattoo Meaning: My tattoo is a portrait of my son Ami when he was about 5 months old.  The image was taken from one of my favorite picture of him when he was small.  I wanted to capture the innocence he had as a baby.  He is now almost 4 years old.

16. Julie Ohara

Title: Head of International Sales/Visual

Tattoo Meaning: I envisioned having a chain of ivy in that exact location…

17. Kristina Balevski

Title: Production & Shipping Coordinator

Tattoo Meaning: This tattoo has grown to mean a lot more to me than it did when I originally got it… I can’t quite explain it, words sort of diminish its meaning…

18. Nick Rogers

Title: Project Managing Associate

Tattoo Meaning: The eye tattoo is of a photographer that I really like, Thomas Barbey. The piece is called “Tearful Encounter” and I got it because it’s a striking image. Jason Minauro in Tampa did the work. The best tattoo I’ve ever seen and I’m happy its mine.

The ankle tattoo was kind of an impulse thing a few weeks ago. I designed this piratey novelty font that I’ve had for a while. The placement of these are what I enjoy most, major advocate of rolling up the pants. Kimberly Lynn did the tattoo from 8 of Swords in Brooklyn.

19. Phyllis Chan

Title: Knitwear Designer/Development Coordinator

Tattoo Meaning: I got both my tattoos together in 2005 briefly after one of my childhood best friends committed suicide. I guess I was really worried that i would get over it, so I got the one on my chest to remind myself of her every day.  And “think” was for me, to remind myself never to do anything rash, no matter how crazy or shitty things get.



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