Inside rag & bone: Summer Vacations

Some of our rag & bone staffers took off for a quick vacation pre-fashion week. Check out below for photos from one of our menswear designers, Chris Mitchener’s trip to Iceland and the UK.

“We went to Iceland and just ran around wild. We deplaned with nowhere to stay, no one we knew, and without having any real plan of action in place. It was the best way to go; we just lived from moment to moment.”

“We hiked through volcanic rock, saw Gullfoss Falls, soaked in the natural hot springs, visited a 230 foot geyser called ‘Geysir’, ate amazing food, met cool locals, and explored the landscape.”

Next stop,


“Off to London next where we caught up with friends on the eastside, went vintage shopping, did tourist-y site seeing in central London, went out late night, and ventured to the English seaside. It was all an awesome and memorable trip!”


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