Culture: Marcus’s Trip To India

Marcus and our design team just came back from a trip to India. Here are some of Marcus Wainwright’s favorite photos he took him self..

1. Out of anywhere in the world, what made you chose to do a trip to India? It seemed like it would be the most inspiring- and I lived in Bangladesh when I was a kid.

2. What is the biggest difference you noticed between Delhi & NYC? There are no cows in the middle of the street..

3. What was your favorite thing that you did on your trip? Dinner at the Rambagh Palace- it’s where I stayed when I was there as a kid.

4. What travel tip would you give someone venturing to India? Take a camera with lots off film.

5. Did you have any down time and if so, what’s a must do in Delhi?  We had a bit of down time- drinking Kingsfisher Beer by the pool.

6. Did you discover a new favorite meal/drink/fashion etc. on your trip? I only ate curry for a week and it was incredible.  I also discovered I do not like Okra.

all photography taken by Marcus Wainwright














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