Profile: Karolina Kurkova

Amidst all the craze backstage this NYFW we caught up with
supermodel Karolina Kurkova who, while putting the finishing touches to her
runway look, took the time to chat about her DIY Project shoot…

What excited you most about participating in a project like DIY?

“There was creating your own vision; being able to tell a story,
define the mood and present it the way you want. February’s DIY was so
different to mine but I was in Ischa, Italy (for the film festival) and wanted
to use this great location to really show something real & full of

What was the most fun you had during the shoot?

“Well, we actually shot on the very last day of the trip. Coincidentally,
Helena (Christensen) happened to be there on vacation and when I saw her, I
said perfect – she can shoot me. I really trust her style and her ability to
capture each frame. It had a moody and intimate feeling, which is how I wanted
the pictures to come out.”

What music were you listening to?

“Music is really important to me. We were in this beautiful place
by the ocean and music really helped create the mood. We listened to a lot of
Jason Marz & Coco Sumner. I love I Blame Coco; you should definitely
listen to her band if you haven’t.”

Last but not least, any hidden talents?

“I’m a really good housewife. Organizing, cooking, baking – I love
doing it all. I bake – healthy mini muffins for my husband. We eat really
healthy, so I try to substitute sugar for honey and use little tricks like
that. I also play basketball and practice ballet, which not too many people
know about me.”




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