Travel: Vietnam

Lauren Bucquet, Head of Shoes and Accessories Design, recently enjoyed an exotic vacation in Vietnam with her husband Adam.

The adventurous pair spent time in Hanoi before hiring a motorbike for a 4.5 hour trek to Mai Chai, a small rice farming village in Northern Vietnam. They also took in an overnight cruise along Halong Bay.

Here, Lauren shares some snaps and tips on Vietnam…

I found Vietnam… beautiful! I’ve never seen mountains like that before!

I’d recommend packing… as little as possible. We were non-stop on the go, and when you’re on a motorbike, it’s best to keep the load light.

Don’t miss… a 45 cent glass of Bia Hoi, the locally brewed beer - best enjoyed at a street side restaurant with the locals.

You have to try… bun cha on the street. It’s char-grilled minced pork with fish sauce, bamboo and vermicelli, served with spring rolls. Delicious and super cheap!

If I were to come again, I’d… come for longer and head south to Ho Chi Minh City and then to the beach at Mui Ne.








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