Can’t Miss: Roy Nachum’s Blind exhibition

Artist Roy Nachum’s signature is raised ‘pixels’ which has led some to momentarily mistake his work – surrealistic oil paintings on canvas - as digital.

No stranger to painstaking detail, Nachum, whose extraordinary works are collected by Leonardo DiCaprio, Swizz Beatz and Justin Timberlake, has surpassed himself with Blind, his latest exhibition at Soho’s Joseph Nahmad Contemporary.

After observing a Braille signpost in a museum setting, Nachum felt compelled to delve deeper into how the visually impaired experience art. He ultimately taught himself Braille, which he has incorporated onto the surface of his works.

Rather than use Braille to communicate what the visual is, Nachum has inserted poems and narratives, which represent the emotions he felt during the visual concept.

Breaking with the traditional dictum of ‘look, don’t touch’, viewers are encouraged to feel the paintings.

Blind runs through November 26th.



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