Inside rag & bone: Introducing the Jodhpur

Katrina Klein, rag & bone’s Senior Denim Designer, tells us all about the Jodhpur and reveals an exciting new style coming up in rag & bone/JEAN…

Can you explain how you came up with the Jodhpur?

I can’t take credit for the jodhpur, at least not 100%. Rag & Bone first released a jodhpur legging back in Fall 2009 (see below). I saw someone in the office wearing it and did a double take. I tweaked the style a bit to turn it more into a jean, using great legging and stretch leather fabrications, but the original inspiration was already here waiting for me to come along.

The Jodhpur comes in PlumCognac and Midnight. Will it be available in more colors?

It is also available in some stores in Winter White, which is my favorite, and Wine. There is a good chance it will show up again in other fabrications and colors in the coming seasons.

Any other styles coming soon that you want to share with us?

A Scuba jean is coming in the next month, but I don’t want to give too many details away!

What was the first pair of jeans you designed for rag & bone?

I started with a simple skinny jean in a dark wash called Dover (below). It’s since been updated and improved, but I wanted a must-have everyday jean to be the root of /JEAN and where all other designs came from.



How did you get into jean design?

I grew up in California, where denim is a huge part of the culture, attending flea markets and learning about vintage denim, so I always had a love and appreciation for all things denim. I actively pursued a career in denim after I finished business school and later design school and feel very lucky in the way things turned out. I am really drawn to denim in how it makes fashion accessible to everyone and the construction and manufacturing aspect of denim design really makes my nerdy side feel at home.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired mostly by the people I work with here at rag & bone. It’s so nice to be surrounded by such a creative and talented team and I get tons of ideas not only by seeing what they have in the works for the collection, but also by watching what they wear to work every day. I’m also definitely inspired by music. I listen to a lot of electronic music and recently Nancy, who works in rag & bone Sales, introduced me to some 70’s Afrofunk music, so I’ve got that in the rotation too.


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