Profile: Nicole Chavez

Celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez, who counts Rachel Bilson (the pair recenty collaborated on a ShoeMint collection) and Scarlett Johansson as clients, talks style and reveals what’s on her holiday wish list…

How would you describe your style?
It’s so hard to be objective with your style but I did once hear a term that I felt summed up my style; ‘Gypset’ – a gypsy style with the sophistication of jet-set- sort of a glamorous nomad who loves travel and mixing high and low references from afar. I find myself drawn to bold prints and colors-usually animal or ethnic and then always a touch of glam-metallic and fur.

How would you define great style?
Confidence = Great style.

Whats the best piece of fashion advice youve ever received?

That there are no rules in fashion.

Is there anyone you’d love to style?
Salma Hayek.

What’s your favourite non-fashion way to unwind?
I love spending time with my friends’ children. You would think that doesn’t sound very relaxing but I love how foreign my world is to them. I can escape my day to day and be completely in the moment with them.

1. VandM tree sculpture

2 Serpenti rose gold watch

3. Rodin face oil

4. Ballets Russes

5. DL& Company candle




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