Profile: Tali Lennox on the DIY Project

Model Tali Lennox (below) was a recent participant in the rag & bone/JEAN DIY Project in collaboration with AnOther website.

Signed to Next Models and a Vogue regular, we caught up with the chatty Londoner to discuss her DIY Project experience and hopes for the future…

Can you tell us about your DIY Project?

I chose Primrose Hill to take my photos as parks in London have a great sentimental value to me. I find them so peaceful to go to clear my head and sit alone. Standing at the top of Primrose Hill is hugely uplifting, looking down at the cluttered sky line.

You also appear in a film for the DIY Project. What was that like and is acting something that appeals to you?

I loved shooting the film. We shot at a hotel around the corner from me in Kensington. Thankfully I love food, any food, at any time, so eating 12 oysters at 9am in the morning didn’t bother me! I also loved the chance to really go a little wild and forget who I am for a moment so I enjoyed going mad, shaking my head, rolling around on the floor, and pushing my face into the oysters. I find acting very liberating; I loved doing it at school so it’s not something I’d shy away from doing.


What are the best and worst things about modeling?

I’d say one of the great things about it is you don’t know what to expect, so all you’ve got to do is go with the flow and enjoy the opportunities and inspiringly creative minds that come your way, whilst knowing it’s never going to stay still and last forever. The worst are castings; doing ten a day for two months at fashion week can leave you feeling a little numb, and like a literal ‘mannequin’ but you’ve got to accept it for what it is, and know that a walk down a catwalk or a flash of a camera is a moment, but who you are inside is there to stay.

Is there any model whose career you would like to emulate?

No one in particular. It’s great though that some models have used their experience and gone on to other wonderful creative jobs and expanded their work through a different medium, like Ellen Von Unworth as a photographer, Erin Wasson as a designer and Sophie Dahl as a chef. I really want to branch out and have other involvement in things such as writing, designing or art direction in magazines, so seeing how other models have gone onto other projects gives me hope that I could do the same.

How would you describe your style?

An eclectic mix, all with references to past eras. I go between bohemian 70′s rock and roll style, to quirky feminine 60′s cutesy pastels, to retro Americana, to gothic and grungy. Of course, some days I simply wear jeans and a T-shirt.

You’ve said you want to spend a year in New York. Why?

I’ve been going back and forth to New York for a couple years now for work and it’s my favourite city after London. I love its positive energy; all the people there are so optimistic and giving. Most people are in New York for the purpose of wanting to do something in their life so it’s very forward-thinking and accepting. I also love how there’s so many unique spots and places, stores, restaurants, museums etc in such a small place. I always stay in the East Village; I find it so homey and comforting compared to the Central or Uptown part of the city.


Stuff Tali Loves…

Accessory: At the moment it’s a blue and white printed silk scarf I got in Alfies Antique Market in Marylebone. It’s versatile and adds something extra to an outfit. I wear it around my head for a 70′s rock and roll look, or I wear it around my neck if I’m dressed more preppy.

Product: A good red lipstick, I love MAC and Bobbi Brown.

Appliance: A camera.

Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith.

Restaurant: The Wolseley, London.

Movie: Edward Scissorhands.

Band/act: Kings of Leon.

Art: Impossible to choose – at the moment I love Nigel Cooke.

Destination: New York and Ibiza.

Indulgence: Overeating and talking too much.

Inspiration: Strangers.

Style icons: Florence Welch, Anita Pallenberg and Barbara Hulanicki.








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