Inside rag & bone: Meet Meghan

Meet Meghan, who works at our Christopher Street store.
Hometown: Howell, New Jersey

My life in fashion:
MY STYLE IS… casual, grungy chic. My style is always changing depending on my mood, some days I dress up and other days I will be just in jeans and a tee.
MY FIRST FASHION MEMORY IS… My first day of high school. It was the first time I decided to wear heels and dress up. That’s when I stopped dressing like a tomboy and started really getting into trends and being girly.
MY FAVORITE FASHION ERA WAS… The 70’s – I love flowy tops, high-rise jean, platforms and bright colors.
THIS SEASON I PLAN TO INVEST IN… The yellow Sliver Tuxedo (1), the Cut-Off Shorts in Bleachout (2) the Surf Knit Legging (3) and the Newport wedges (4). Once the weather gets warmer I’m going to wear the yellow Sliver Tuxedo with a pocket tee or tank and shorts. The Surf Knit legging will definitely look amazing with the wedges and a tee.
THE BEST STYLE ADVICE I EVER RECEIVED WAS… Dress for yourself and no one else.
MY STYLE ICONS ARE… The fashionable girls I see walking down the street – real women, real style.


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