We are pleased to offer shipping to most international destinations. Below are our base shipping rates for international orders. The actual shipping rate will depend on how many items you've purchased and the weight of each item. Once you begin the checkout process you will see the actual shipping rate for your order.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that shipping charges do not include international taxes or duties. Contact the customs office in the destination country for information about any applicable duties or taxes. If an order is placed on rag-bone.com and then refused, you will be responsible for the original shipping costs, as well as any duties, taxes and/or customs charges that were incurred in shipping the package. These amounts will be subtracted from your merchandise refund. rag-bone.com has made every effort to minimize our international shipping charges. We only charge our cost for these services. We do not make any profit on our shipping services to international customers. Also, we are required by law to disclose the full value of the package contents and cannot alter this value. If you have any shipping questions, please visit our help section.

American Samoa $30.00
Germany $30.00
Norway $30.00
Argentina $30.00
Greenland $30.00
Paraguay $30.00
Australia $30.00
Grenada $30.00
Peru $30.00
Austria $30.00
Guam $30.00
Portugal $30.00
Bahamas $30.00
Guatemala $30.00
Puerto Rico $30.00
Bahrain $30.00
Holy See (Vatican City State) $30.00
Qatar $30.00
Barbados $30.00
Honduras $30.00
Saudi Arabia $30.00
Belgium $30.00
Hong Kong $30.00
Singapore $30.00
Bermuda $30.00
Ireland $30.00
Spain $30.00
Bolivia $30.00
Isle Of Man $30.00
Sweden $30.00
Brazil $30.00
Israel $30.00
Switzerland $30.00
Canada $30.00
Italy $30.00
Taiwan $30.00
Chile $30.00
Jamaica $30.00
Tunisia $30.00
China $30.00
Japan $30.00
United Arab Emirates $30.00
Colombia $30.00
Korea, Republic Of $30.00
United Kingdom $30.00
Costa Rica $30.00
Kuwait $30.00
United States Minor Outlying Islands $30.00
Denmark $30.00
Liechtenstein $30.00
Uruguay $30.00
Dominican Republic $30.00
Luxembourg $30.00
Vatican City $30.00
Ecuador $30.00
Monaco $30.00
Venezuela $30.00
El Salvador $30.00
Montserrat $30.00
Virgin Islands, British $30.00
Finland $30.00
Netherlands $30.00
Virgin Islands, U.S. $30.00
France $30.00
New Zealand $30.00
Virgin Islands, U.S. $30.00