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Fall/winter 2017 collection
To celebrate the launch of the new season and 15 year anniversary for the brand, the rag & bone FW17 collection was showcased through a series of new portraits taken by longtime collaborator Glen Luchford along with Frank Lebon. More than 70 people were shot over the course of two days; Luchford shot on a massive 20x24 Polaroid, one of the largest cameras in history and of which only eight still remain in the world, while Lebon shot on film and then layered onto collages. The eclectic cast was chosen for their contributions to rag & bone’s story thus far as well as those who inspire the brand.

Subjects of the portraits include Mikhail Baryshnikov, Carmelo Anthony, Keri Russell, Georgia Fowler, Phoebe Colling James, Lil Buck, Irene Kim, Tali Lennox, Kozue Akimoto, Leandra Medine, Arsun and Gray Sorrenti, Joan Smalls, Amber Valletta, Andrew Rosen and Steven Kolb, amongst many others.

To coincide with the launch of the rag & bone Fall 2017 images, the brand has released a conceptual video filmed and produced by Mark Lebon. The video, which was shot during the portrait series in February 2017 is a compilation of behind the scenes footage, featuring a selection of personalities who were shot by Glen Luchford and Frank Lebon

“This project was really a labor of love; celebrating those who inspire us and allowing them to express their individuality through rag & bone clothing. We didn’t dictate – but instead gave them the power to style themselves, and it was pretty amazing to see how it all came together. This kind of true collaboration is something inherent to the world of rag & bone; You never know what the result will be, but when we work with such incredible people, it is generally very rewarding”

– Marcus Wainwright, rag & bone CEO, Founder and Creative Director

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andrew moore
owner & designer, iron oak

andrew rosen
golf pro

andrew wren
creative director

aris schwabe

arsun sorrenti

ashley brokaw
casting guru

bill gentle

carmelo anthony
basketball legend

noah, henry & cate wainwright

dan thawley
paris editor

dajana roncione
italian actress

david alexander flinn
model & artist


emma sulkowicz

ethan james green

fabrice penot
perfume legend

fabrizio moretti
musician, the strokes

georgia fowler

glenna neece
earth mother

gray sorrenti
model & photographer

freja beha erichsen

hooman majd

holli rogers
CEO, browns fashion

holly harnsongkram
the first person to buy rag & bone

irene kim
creative director

irene kim
creative director

jack webb

jackson wakefield

jaimie alexander

jennie mccormick, rag & bone den mother
william chen, master of everything

jessica barensfeld

jing zhang
fashion editor & journalist

joan smalls

joseph falcone
surfboard shaper & craftsman

john howard
managing partner, irving place capital

julia cumming
model & musician

keri russell

kozue akimoto

kris bones
music director

leandra medine
writer & founder, the man repeller

lil buck
movement artist

lisa rinehart

lottie moss

lou stoppard
writer & curator

marc razo
guitar battle specialist

marcus wainwright
a total legend

mark lebon
frank's dad

matthew rhys

maureen chiquet
author, 'beyond the label'

michael bailey-gates
model & artist

mike kololyan
surfer & co-founder, local surf school

mikhail baryshnikov
dancer & choreography

nigel godrich
DJ for hire

paige reifler

phoebe collings-james
model & artist

rose gilroy

sasha pivovarova

sam petts-davies
recording engineer

selah marley

simon howell

shane samuel "ninja"
parkour instructor

staz lindes
model & musician

steven kolb
President & CEO, CFDA

sylvana durrett
co-founder & ceo, maisonette & vogue consultant

Tali Lennox
Model & artist

teddy charles
coiffeur, hairdresser

thom yorke

yuri pleskun

walton ford
the best painter ever