Women's Fall/Winter 2014

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For Women’s Fall Winter 2014, rag & bone embraced a wealth of 50s influences, reinterpreted British classics and derived inspiration from military and traditional patterns to inflect the brand’s signature urban sensibility. "We wanted explore color pairings and create modern shapes for our girl. For the most part, we went for a softer palette but there is still that understated toughness." – Marcus Wainwright As customary with rag & bone, a myriad of unexpected combinations and twists on classics is offered. Traditional buffalo plaid is elevated when rendered in shades of green in brushed alpaca mohair and reiterated across a spectrum of styles. 50s silhouettes, inspired by the jackets worn by gas station attendants to Frank Sinatra, appear in an array of cropped and boxy styles, the period also inspiring pencil skirts and high-waisted pants. Victorian precision style tailoring, denoted in frock coats with doubled-
faced satin collars, is juxtaposed with raw edged pieces in relaxed silhouettes in iterations of Abraham Moon pinstripe fabrications and rubberized linton mourning stripe. Hand-stitched embroidery on cropped bowling shirting has an iconic flourish with artisanship continuing in hand-knit Cowichan pieces, including bags, crafted in British Columbia. A collaboration with Australian brand Coogi –favored by Bill Cosby and Biggie Smalls- has resulted in statement knits with rag & bone’s logo entwined in the custom pattern. Distorted animal print features, and in a retro spin, journeys into acid wash denim. Shearling is seen in waistcoats, oversized leather combination outerwear and in footwear, encasing mules. The color palette is rich in deep tones of brown, green and navy with almond and ganache acting as the key pairing. Jolts of fiery red, exemplified in leather suede dress, add warmth and dimension.