The first time 13 year old Native New Yorker, Peter Bici, stepped onto a skateboard he was hooked. The exhilaration of riding in the middle of the street, and challenging himself to master new tricks opened the street kid from Queens to a world of new possibilities.

After years of putting his heart into the sport he turned pro for “Zoo York” and got to travel the world and meet fascinating people. He appeared in major skateboard and extreme sport publications worldwide; and was one of the pioneers of the NYC Street-Skateboarding style and culture.

In 1994, as one of the original skateboarding team members, Bici played an integral role in the marketing of the now legendary “Supreme” skate shop in Manhattan.

The sense of belonging and camaraderie in the skateboarding world prompted Peter to join the Firefighting family. Today, he is a Firefighter for the FDNY in the LES; where he lives with his wife, Jaclyn, and their two children.

His desire to honor the lives of his childhood friends prompted Peter to take on a new challenge of co-producing the documentary film: “The Kids.”