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Quality Guaranteed

Everything we make is built to last – in its design, comfort, and quality. While the reality is even quality items have a practical lifespan, if it came from us and it is not made properly – we'll make it right.

Quality Resolutions

Our clothing is built to last. But the reality is that even quality items have a practical product lifespan, that means their lifespan is not indefinite. If it’s not manufactured properly — we’ll make it right.

The Honor Code

We take time to write long-winded care instructions and print them on tiny white tags inside your clothes—and it’s for a reason. If you do what they say, the clothes will have a practical lifespan. You do the right thing, we’ll do the right thing.

The Process

Contact us below or bring it into one of our retail stores. Questions? Please refer to the FAQ below.

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What do you mean by Quality Guaranteed?

We mean that the products we make are crafted using fabrics, techniques, and a level of professionalism that last from season to season. Every product has a natural lifetime, but — laundry accidents aside — if our product doesn’t reasonably hold up, we’ll do our best to make it right.

To get in touch click here.

What is a product lifetime?

Our products are made to last. But as any denimhead with a strong vintage collection will tell you, most things can’t last forever, forever. Normal wear and tear itself is part of a clothing’s lifecycle — not to mention how much we love the aesthetics of a well-worn piece of clothing. Still, we set guidelines for how long you can expect ours to hold up, so you know what’s realistic.

What is not covered under our Quality Guarantee?

Products purchased at the sample sale, off-price retailers, and items bought through second-hand platforms.

Products may vary, but typically, wear and tear is deemed excessive when the item is approaching the end of its practical product lifespan. We do not cover products that fall within the following categories: extreme wear and tear, third-party alterations, dry-cleaning incidents, improper care, unusual wear and tear and other reasons that are up to our discretion.

Do I need a receipt?

Merchandise purchased outside of rag & bone retail stores, and rag & bone outlet shops will require proof of purchase. This includes items you may have received as a gift.

Can I return products forever for free refunds?

We have a return policy. You have 30 days to return unworn clothing. But if you purchased something with a manufacturing defect, you can bring it back at any time. To protect all our customers and make sure that we handle every return, exchange, or repair with reasonable fairness, we cannot accept a return, exchange, or repair in certain situations.

To get in touch with our customer service team about returns here.

My item is final sale, is this covered?

It depends. Let's Chat!

How much will a repair cost me?

If it’s on us, it’s on us. 100%. In certain circumstances, we may choose to replace the product or we’ll find another way to make it right instead of repairing it.

Please keep in mind, if a repair is needed due to natural wear and tear or an incident, you may be responsible for the cost of the repair.

Who will pay for my shipping?

We will provide you with a prepaid label, but it is up to you to find a box or envelope to ship the item in.

Will rag & bone always repair or replace my products?

We will always repair or replace any item (purchased from us or an authorized retailer) whose quality has been compromised by a manufacturing defect or flaw. If care instructions haven’t been properly followed, or a garment experiences excessive love, we can’t promise we’ll be able to repair or replace it. But we’ll try. We will do our best to try and replace your items with something of equal value. However, if we are unable to, we will be happy to provide you with a store credit. Contact our Quality Guaranteed team if you think something you purchased qualifies.

I’m bringing my repairs into the store, cool?

No problem. Expect that we’ll do everything we can to provide a resolution on the spot. Please be kind and patient with our retail employees; they are just following company procedures. If we are unable to resolve your claim in the immediate moment, you can expect to hear from our Quality Guaranteed department within a timely manner. Be prepared to leave some contact information with our store associate, no aliases please.

“My repair doesn’t look brand new, now what?”

We work with one of the best repair teams in the country, but there’s a limit to what they can do. Five-year-old boots may require a generic zipper and your favorite jeans may show a bit of “scar tissue”. Still, the repair team will always do their best to preserve the aesthetic of your item.

Hurry up and give me my replacement.

Once we have received your damaged products – any repair, replacement, or exchange will take approximately three to four weeks. Repairs covered by our quality guarantee are free of charge to you. For all other products, repair costs will vary depending on the materials and length of time needed, but we will always make sure it’s reasonable. Send it in, we’ll take a look. Some replacement hardware must be ordered from the original manufacturer. Please allow up three to four weeks for delivery.

Are international customers covered under the guarantee?

In most cases, yes. However, complimentary repairs and gift cards are not available for international customers at this time. Kindly complete the Quality Guaranteed form and include your order number or receipt with your submission. We'll review your request and do our best to find a suitable solution.

Stylists on Hand

Quality Guaranteed

Everything we make is built to last – in its design, comfort, and quality. While the reality is even quality items have a practical lifespan, if it came from us and it is not made properly – we'll make it right.