Growing up in the sport, Riley Hawk began skating transitions at a young age. He quickly adapted to the board and started pulling tricks that skaters his father's age were having trouble with. As Riley grew up, street skating became his priority and he progressed quickly. His well-rounded abilities have helped him excel in contests while pushing his skating and level of fun to new places. During the last few years he has sprouted into a lanky young adult with a polished style and an obvious desire and confidence to push himself even further.

His recent focus has been on shooting great photos and video footage and spending time on the road. His hard work has paid off, with The Skateboard Mag naming him AM Skater of the Year for 2013. In December of 2013, Riley Hawk turned pro. He continues to follow his passions by touring with his band Petyr and opening a coffeehouse called “Steel Mill” in Oceanside, California.