houston/PROJECT with Nicholas Forker

The first instillation of rag & bone’s 2011 houston/PROJECT went up last Saturday to a crowd of friends, onlookers and neighbors of the Houston Street store. Check out artist Nicholas Forker’s profile and images of his original piece titled: “The Action Man”

NAME: Nicholas A. Forker

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Central North America

A TYPICAL DAY: There are two modes I find myself in these days. Making or not. If I am making, the days are monastic. Wake, Yoga, Draw, Sleep. With small meals and tea throughout. If I am not making work, the days are anything but typical ranging from coast to coast: movie shoots, murals, tiny adventures, train hopping, exploring, making fun happen…etc. Just taking time to enjoy the moments.

STYLE/TECHNIQUE: I would describe my style as photo-realism, hand rendered ballpoint pen works on mylar. My technique is traditional drawing. The subjects of my drawings these days are mostly faceless astronauts in the ‘in-between’ moments common to everyones life. I use mostly open space to represent these settings.


INSPIRATION: Any expression artistic or otherwise is a result of the energy that binds all living things together. It is that that moves me to create. Call it what you will.

MOTTO: ‘Life is what you make of it’ — Gandolfo Richiusa

CURRENT PROJECT: Currently working on some commissions and a body of work to show in Miami for Art Basel.

WHAT IS NEXT: Next I will be working on a body of work for my solo show at Mallick Williams & Co. in September of 2012. http://mallickwilliams.com

Check out Nick’s website at: http://nicholasforker.com

Photos by: Scott Reed for Flying Television, 2011


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