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Holiday Guide 2013
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Model and founder
Every Mother Counts
Charity: Every Mother Counts

Following the release of her directorial debut film, “No Woman, No Cry” in 2010, which shares the powerful stories of at-risk pregnant women from around the world, Christy founded Every Mother Counts.

EMC is a campaign to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world.

Christy’s passion about maternal mortality arose after she experienced a complication during the birth of her first child, daughter Grace. This subsequently lead to her exploring the implications for women in similar circumstances without access to pre and postnatal care.

The eternally in-demand supermodel, who recently ran the NYC Marathon for EMC, was recognized earlier this month at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards for her dedication to improving maternal health worldwide.

(One) Cashmere Waffle Beanie in Charcoal: “This is a classic piece that will soon come in handy every day.”

(Two) Classic Newbury Boot in Black: “I live in this boot in suede already and could use a fresh pair.”

(Three)Edward Scarf in Grape: “I chose it because it has my husband's name, Edward (Burns) on it!”

(Four) Jackie Gloves in Black: “I could have used these today!”

(Five) Hampshire Billfold Wallet in Brown: “The perfect gift item for the men in my life.”

Illustration by:
Alexandra Compain-Tissier

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Charity: YouthCare James W.
Ray Orion Center

The rapping phenomenon has had quite the year. The Heist, his album with Ryan Lewis, went platinum. Thrift Shop, the album’s breakout track, amassed a staggering 7 million downloads and ranks as one of the highest-selling single of 2013. The award-winning artist has selected YouthCare's James W. Ray Orion Center, a multi-service drop-in center in his home city of Seattle for at risk and street dependent homeless youths, as his cause.

(One) Officer Boot in Black: “Give these to my brother. Mi Hermano, Timmy. I can see him becoming a man in these boots; wearing them with some super short, cut off jean shorts and representing the family crest with pride.”

(Two) Henderson Flask: “No question, I'd give this flask to Ryan (Lewis). He goes through Jameson like black belts go through wooden planks. He's also going through his "I'm an American badass" stage; polluting his body with tattoos and a cigarette velcroed to his bottom lip.”

(Three) Beacon Glove: “I'd give these to Ryan's (Lewis) girlfriend Jackie. No brainer; I love the pattern.”

(Four) Bi-Fold Wallet in Black: “I think my manager would like this wallet. Clean, simple yet some cool design elements. Stash his cash and keep on working. Perfect gift.”

(Five) Corina Fringe Dress: “I would give this to my fiancée, Tricia. I'm a huge fan of fringe, black and leather and she would look phenomenal in this. Might take her out to a nice Italian meal. Pick her up in the Cadillac. Tell her something like "get in" and open the door for her. Kiss her hand. Throw on some Nat King Cole. Keep it classy.”

Illustration by:
Alexandra Compain-Tissier


The Blonde Salad - Blogger
Charity: UNICEF

It was during a visit to Chicago in 2009 that Chiara, who was studying law in her native Italy at the time, decided to start her blog.

Originally conceived as a ‘travel diary’, the blog evolved and within a year, Chiara could lay claim to 50,000 daily visitors.

Today, the street style regular is one of the world’s most influential bloggers, garnering a mind-blowing 12 million page views a month.

No stranger to charity, last year Chiara visited Uganda for Millennium Promise, a non-government organization committed to tackling extreme poverty.

She also previously took part in a musical project aiming to support humanitarian efforts for maternal-child health. This holiday, she has decided to continue supporting children through UNICEF. “I think what we do when we get old is already written in our childhood. That's why it is so important to help children in need,” Chiara says.

(One) Roseburg Coat in Camel: “The camel coat is back and it's stronger than ever - this one looks wonderful.”

(Two) Pilot Backpack in Black: “I'm in love with backpacks – they are so useful and effortlessly chic!”

(Three) Kendall Boot in Black: “Everybody needs a black pair of boots – this pair is perfect from morning to night.”

(Four) Gemma Sweater in Charcoal: “This sweater looks so cozy and badass at the same time - a must have.”

(Five) iPad Zip Cover in Royal: “I always carry my iPad with me and I love that the electric blue immediately catches other people's attention.”

Illustration by:
Alexandra Compain-Tissier

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Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder
and wife, former model and philanthropist, Jill
Charity: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & University of Washington

The couple is supporting the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & University of Washington.

“It's pretty amazing what Seattle is doing in terms of cancer research, care and brain tumors. They have recruited Dr. Eric Holland who is quoted as the “LeBron James” of cancer scientists,” Jill says.

“They believe everyone with a tumor should go into an informatics database where your genomic testing is done,” she adds.

(One)Mini Pilot in Black: “The perfect size for going out at night, for dinner shows or for travel. It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it cross body - such a great gift for any of the girls!”

(Two) Tacita Boot in Black: “A cool wedge heel that will look great paired with a dress and tights and love the tassle!”

(Three) Wide Brim Fedora in Navy: “The navy is a little softer than black and it’s a cool way to top off your look.”

(Four) Rowan Boot in Brown: “This brown rugged boot will just get better with age.”

(Five) Graphic Spaceman Tee: “This tee was picked because spacemen are cool!”

Illustration by:
Alexandra Compain-Tissier

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Charity: American Red Cross,
Philippine Typhoon Relief

The Chinese cover girl was moved by the recent catastrophe in the Philippines. "The American Red Cross has been a very encompassing aid organization for causes all over the world. With the unfortunate circumstances the Philippines is now facing, it is incredibly important for us to continue supporting the relief efforts that have been taking place there,” Liu Wen says. “I hope that with whatever assistance this project can provide, we can help improve the living conditions of those affected as much as possible.”

(One) Grayson Overcoat in Camel: “Usually men's coats are incredibly minimalistic, with black as the dominant color, so I especially enjoy the material of this look as well as the color coordination between the buttons and the coat itself. The design and silhouette are simple yet visually strong, and the brighter color will help you stand out.”

(Two) Pilot Backpack in Camel: “During the holidays you're bound to go traveling with friends and most of these trips are short. If a piece of luggage is too inconvenient, this Pilot Backpack is both versatile in its usability and also easy to style with any kind of outfit.”

(Three) Double Wrap Bracelet in Black: “Small accessories always have "big" uses. I love the material and the tinge of personality the belt imitation adds to your overall look.”

(Four) Lumberjack Shirt in Black: “The men's shirt design for this piece is quite interesting - definitely not your typical lumberjack! I especially love the relaxed silhouette and the shape of the leather section.”

(Five) Mini Pilot in Port Multi: “The intricate mini-purse is convenient no matter when or where you need it. The faint dark red color makes it just festive enough for the holidays!”

Illustration by:
Alexandra Compain-Tissier

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New York Knicks All-Star and Olympic champion
Charity: Carmelo Anthony Foundation

The iconic athlete has chosen The Carmelo Anthony Foundation, his nonprofit organization which works to positively impact the lives of those living in under-served communities.

Funds are raised through sponsors special projects and events, while collaborating with other donors, business leaders, celebrities, athletes and nonprofit organizations.

The basketball star was recently quoted as saying, “I always say that if I can make one kid smile, then I’ve changed a household, so that’s my thing.”

(One) Patrick Shawl Pullover in Navy: “This is one of my favorite styles. The shawl collar always speaks retro classy to me.”

(Two) Hampshore Bifold Wallet in Black: “This is a great wallet. Simple and it does the job.”

(Three) Rugged Dopp Kit: “I spend a ton of time on the road and need a bag like this to keep the necessities packed and ready to go.”

(Four) Jackie Beanie in Black: “For the winter months, it's something everyone should have in their closet.”

(Five) Floppy Brim Fedora in Black: “I loved this look on my wife, LaLa when we did Fashion’s Night Out with rag & bone in 2011, so why not add another to the collection? ‎”

Illustration by:
Alexandra Compain-Tissier

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Co-Founder and Editor,
Snob Essentials
Charity: Bobbi Brown’s Pretty
Powerful Foundation

In 2005, Tina joined forces with her college best friend and fellow handbag aficionado, Kelly Crook, to launch their blog Bag Snob.

Today, the pair are at the helm of Snob Essentials, a lifestyle site featuring seven sites in total, including Bag Snob.

As a female entrepreneur, Tina feels an affinity for Bobbi Brown Cosmetic’s Pretty Powerful Foundation for Women and Girls.

”Bobbi Brown's passionate and tireless campaign for girls and women is inspiring and I strive to participate whenever possible," Tina says.

(One) Bastion Jacket in Dark Navy: “For my husband. My husband is a sports fanatic and the Bastion jacket with leather sleeves is perfect for football games and weekend fun.”

(Two)Cashmere Crew in Charcoal: “For my male bestie. One can never, ever, go wrong with timeless gray cashmere.”

(Three) Corina Fringe Dress: “For my cousin. A great dress for holiday party hopping! I'm choosing it for my cousin because we are the same size and I can steal it from her.”

(Four)Edward Scarf in Black: “For my assistant. An edgy take on the classic gloves and scarf, I think I'll need a set for myself as well. I love holiday shopping-- one for you, one for me.”

(Five)Floppy Fedora in Black: “For my bestie. This is my absolute favorite hat in the world! It's so flattering and will ensure she never has a bad hair day.”

Illustration by:
Alexandra Compain-Tissier

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Author and Baby Buggy Founder
Charity: Baby Buggy

The New York Times best-selling cookbook author and wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld founded her non-profit organization in 2001.

“I started Baby Buggy almost 13 years ago, right after the birth of our first child,” Jessica explains. “Since then, we’ve been delivering life’s basic essentials to struggling families who live in poverty and are trying hard to improve the health and safety of their children.”

The mother of three continues, “The many thousands of families we help feel dignified and appreciated when they receive an item that is new to them. We know how good that feels and it’s a feeling everyone deserves to have, especially during the holidays.”

(One) Lisa Pullover in Navy: “It’s cozy, it’s sexy…it’s blue. I can’t do better than that in a sweater for any female I know.”

(Two) Cashmere Waffle Scarf in Charcoal: “Nothing says “I think I might love you” more than a delicious cashmere scarf and a waffle weave gets me every time.”

(Three) Claire Fingerless Gloves in Charcoal: “For my friends who cannot miss a moment on Instagram, but somehow can’t return a text.”

(Four) Phillips Blazer in Grey: “My young(er) 30’ish chums are just getting into the blazer habit and I’m loving this relaxed yet tidy one. You can’t go wrong with grey with jeans.”

(Five) Starling Coat in Army Green: “I would throw this over a slip dress and pair with a Newbury boot and I’ve just amortized and extended my summer wardrobe. That will go over well with my NY from LA transplant friends.”

Illustration by:
Alexandra Compain-Tissier

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Charity: St. Jude Children’s
Research Hospital

Even before becoming a mother to daughter Dixie, the work carried out at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital struck a chord with catwalk beauty Lily.

Located in her husband Caleb Followill’s home state of Tennessee, the hospital is internationally recognized for its pioneering work in finding cures and saving children with pediatric cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

Last December, Lily manned the phones at 20th ICAP Charity Day event to help raise funds for St. Jude. More recently, she signed on to participate in the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk, a 5K walk that raises money for the hospital.

Since it opened in 1962, St. Jude has helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to 80 percent and thanks to donors and fundraisers like Lily, no family of a child receiving care at St Jude pays for anything.

(One) Classic Newbury Boot in Brown: “This is a staple that everyone should have in their closet! The perfect bootie.”

(Two) Hudson Jacket in Black: “I will live in this leather jacket all winter.”

(Three) Beeman Loafer in Blue: “I’m loving loafers right now and the color is gorgeous.”

(Four) Rugged Dopp Kit: “I love a men’s toiletry bag and the color of this is so lovely.”

(Five) Floppy Brim Fedora in Pecan: “I love a fedora and this is the perfect one.”

Illustration by:
Alexandra Compain-Tissier


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